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Kangaroo grass: a model species for understanding adaptation

Post doc Vinod Jacob

Vin is investigating ecophysiological adaptations to heat and water stress in the widespread species Themeda trianda (kangaroo grass), with a primary focus on plant hydraulics, gas exchange and plant morphology, for glasshouse-grown plants representing populations from all over Australia.

Project Period 2022-2025

Heat and drought adaptation in Sorghum crop wild relatives

Post doc Emma Sumner

Emma is investigating adaptations to heat and water stress in Australian native grasses, in particular wild relatives of the important crop, Sorghum bicolor. Her work includes trait characterisation of Australian Sorghum species, both for glasshouse-grown plants and plants sampled under field conditions from right across Australia.

Project Period

Trait adaptations in Eucalyptus to temperature and precipitation

PhD candidate Tiantian Pan

Global warming have profound consequences on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. This study will investigate long-term adaptation of hydraulic architecture in Eucalyptus to precipitation and temperature.

Project Period

Trait adaptation to temperature and water stress in Eucalyptus

Post doc Travis Britton

This research explores the ecophysiological adaptations of Eucalyptus to temperature and water stress. This work is part of a larger effort within the Centre for Plant Success that aims to understand what adaptations allow this iconic tree genus to successfully grow and survive in challenging environments across nearly all of Australia.

Project Period: 2022-2025

A comprehensive characterisation of leaf cuticles - from structure to function

PhD candidate Anu Middha

This project looks into cuticle driven heat and drought stress tolerance in Australian native grass - Themeda triandra using a variety of approches such as biochemical analysis, anatomical observations, physiological examinations.

Project Period 2022-2025

Adaptations to environmental stresses in Australian native species

PhD candidate Jiahao Wen

In his research Jiahao will be investigating adaptations to environmental stresses in Australian native species (e.g. heat, drought and low soil nutrients)

Project Period